LB Pipework Services offer remote fabrication of industrial pipeworks for site fitting to tight schedules, complete fabrication of “skid” structures and onsite installation and repair of industrial pipelines. Leven Bridge Engineers have worked on potable water, fire fighting, gas, chemical and oil pipelines. All work has been carried out safely and to the correct quality and safety standards.
All of Leven Bridge’s welders must hold a minimum coding to EN287, further coding then takes place dependant upon the project.

  • Leven Bridge can manufacture storage tanks and pressure vessels of up to 14,000 litres capacity.
  • Skid manufacture: Leven bridge can manufacture the complete skid including all steel work. Using a fully approved electric al contractor we are a one stop shop for you to take delivery of your complete and tested skid.
  • Leven Bridge’s versatile workshop can be segregated and encapsulated when carrying out projects involving exotic or dissimilar Thermatrix3materials.

Leven Bridge and LB Pipework Services provide first class services to the Engineering Industry working to ISO 9001.During 2013 Leven Bridge carried out major pipe work alterations and new line installation at Fine Organics’ Plant on Seal Sands in Teesside. Up to 70 tradesmen were employed. The work was completed to a good standard, on time and no lost time accidents.

[table, caption= “Welding experience”]
Type, Method
P5P (PTFE Lined),Site Flaring and installation
Carbon Steel, Butt and Socket Weld
Carbon Steel for low temperature applications,Butt and Socket Weld
Stainless Steel  dependant upon application,Butt
,BPE 2002 Orbital  Weld

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    Leven Bridge can also supply and install Pexgol piping – go to www.pexgol.com for more information